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Tooth Extractions


Tooth Extractions


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At Roman Dental we treat a wide range of problems including, tooth removal, EXTRACTION OF TEETH.

Maintenance and preservation of natural teeth are ideal.  At Roman Dental we save badly broken and seemingly hopeless teeth with sedative fillings and root canals. However individual circumstances may make tooth removal and replacement a practical option. We realize that this process can be anxiety ridden. We attempt to make our patients comfortable and well informed during treatment.

Extractions are performed for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Tooth decay that has progressed,  making the tooth hopeless
  • Impaction or problematic wisdom teeth
  • An “extra” tooth that blocks normal tooth development and positioning
  • Removal to reduce crowding, creating space for orthodontic treatment
  • Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 16 and 25 at the back of the mouth.
  • Wisdom teeth can grow unnoticed until they start to cause issues in the mouth.
  • They are commonly extracted when they affect other teeth or get lodged beside other teeth because the jaw is too small.
  • During regular visits, dentists monitor the development of wisdom teeth and may recommend extraction if potential exists for infection or damage to adjacent teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth, or other hopeless teeth, can be comfortably removed using I V sedation.   Intra venous sedation provides comfortable, anxiety –free dental treatment.   People rarely have any memory of the tooth removal event.
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Be comfortable when you get dental work done. You deserve it.

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